Pete was able to deliver, in all areas, and continues to impress us, with his expertise, and fun personality!

We couldn’t be more satisfied with Pete’s service. We have known Pete for many years. We were originally introduced to him, when he helped us find our home, to rent, while we waited for our current home to be built. He was the first person to answer his phone when I called around to different realtors and immediately set up a time to meet with us. We had just had a bad experience with purchasing a home, which fell through and forced us to live with my Mother-in-law, which is why I was eager to just get home, even if it meant renting for a year. Being a business owner, that is built off of customer care, discipline, and leadership, I immediately was impressed by Pete’s professional knowledge, friendly personality, and hard work ethic. He definitely stands out over the rest. Since then, mastered his skills, professionalism and his success has been reflected by his hard work, consistency, and incredible customer service. Even though he has many other clients, whom he is working hard to satisfy their needs, he always makes you feel like you are his only client. That is not a common factor with other realtors or business professionals, as a whole. The process that we just went through, with putting our current home up for sale, and purchasing a new home, was an extremely difficult process, due to the current market. This process could have been extremely stressful, with homes selling so fast, and not a lot of inventory to choose from, for purchase. Yet, Pete, once again, showed us how he truly is the best at what he does, because he laid out the entire process for us, prepared us for the worse, and knew exactly what to do, every step of the way. Even though the current market is in an even higher demand and faster pace than normal, Pete remained calm, coached us through the process, with positivity and confidence, which made what could have been a HIGHLY stressful process, smooth. He knew exactly what to do, to make our home appealing and easy for buyers to visualize themselves in our home. The professionally, gorgeous, photos were a top-of-the-line presentation that is above and beyond, the quality of other realtors efforts. Pete was able to deliver, in all areas, and continues to impress us, with his expertise, and fun personality, which made our experience even more pleasant. He went to bat for us, when the seller of the home we purchased, was being difficult about repairs that needed to be done. His persistence made sure that we were 100% satisfied with our purchase agreement, and even negotiated with the buyers of our current home, to make our moving process ideal. We truly couldn’t have had a better experience.


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