When it came to the paperwork, Pete insists on working with the best!

Our experience with Pete Torsiello as our realtor for selling our home and finding our next home has been most impressive. I can’t imagine finding someone whose opinion I would so thoroughly trust in these matters, other than Pete. Just from walking around my own neighborhood years before  selling, it was easy to tell his homes sold so much quicker than others, and for more than expected. I was always curious as to why. First off, before listing, he told us what to do to be ready. It was not necessarily the things we expected! We trusted him and followed directions. At listing time, he was meticulous with details for photography. It matters so much!! He also gave us a handful of these same rules for showings. Frankly, I wish other homeowners did the same when we tour. His marketing of our house was also amazing, and his team comes together to make fantastic video tours, brochures, etc. We sold our home in 5 days, and just had one day of showings. When it came to the paperwork, he insists on working with the best. Nobody dropped the ball on anything, and if you had a question, an answer came quickly. It’s been fascinating to watch. As for shopping, Pete is just fun, easy to get along with, and NEVER tries to talk you into something. When negotiating a purchase offer, he is very thorough in market comparison research, which allows him to be a fantastic negotiator. We would have overpaid if not for his insistence. I was blown away at the negotiating he did on our behalf! He works tirelessly (or tiredly, I’m really not sure) and could probably use a whole weekend off someday.


Review via Zillow.com

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