We highly recommend him!

Pete and his team are the best! He came into our home to assess what it would take to sell it quick. He told us the truth and told us what buyers would be looking for. It wasn’t news we wanted, but it was the honest truth and refreshing to be told what to expect and not fluff. Pete doesn’t beat  around the bush, yet is very kind and personable. I can see why so clients love working with him. He hires top photographers to get the home prepped for listing. We received daily updates on the amount of views and traffic while our home was on the market. It was easy to work with him and schedule showings. He fought for us to get the most out of the sale as well as the purchase of the next home. He also didn’t play around with the buyer’s realtor who wasn’t well versed in the laws. He kept us in the loop throughout the process and when things didn’t seem right, he told us what may happen. Had we worked with another realtor that wasn’t experienced, we may have lost time and money. Thankfully, we went with our gut and called Pete. We highly recommend him!


Review via Zillow.com

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