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Pete Torsiello was my realtor when I bought my personal residence as well as a few investment properties. As an owner of my own business, I have very little free time and very little patience when people waste it. Pete was an incredible asset for me. He was very prepared and professional. He does  the big things well and the little things that most other real estate professionals simply do not do. I bought my house right when the first big freeze of winter happened. Knowing how busy I was, he went on his own time and wrapped my pipes. Now, I can not say that he will wrap YOUR pipes, but that is the type of person he is. You will be dealing with a true professional that takes pride in his work. I have recommended Pete to close friends and relatives and everyone has had the same experience. Save yourself a lot of time and aggravation with realtors that want a fast dollar and forget you or part timers that are not as qualified to get you the best deal. Pete will guide you through the home buying/selling experience with absolute professionalism and gives you that extra attention that other people apparently do not think is important. I do not recommend many people in any trade to family or friends, but I do recommend Pete. You will too.


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