Pete Goes Above & Beyond Everytime!

Pete has sold three houses for us. He goes above and beyond every time! Our home Sold in less than a week at exactly the price he predicted. Pete has a effective grasp of the market, and the buyers he deals with. Each time we’ve had a realistic plan.

Pete has sold three houses for us.

The first sale was an estate my wife was handing. We needed a fairly quick, simple sale. Pete soon had an offer. The buyer demanded a lot of little fixes. Pete handled the situation.

Second was a rental house We made the mistake of initially listing it with a bargain agent. After considerable wasted time, Pete took over the listing. Two days later it sold for slightly more than the first agent had asked.

Last year we decided (for reasons of health and family) to move to another state. We were flexible on timing, but faced a major downsize from a 2500 sq ft house to a small apartment. We selected a sale time based on Pete’s expectations of the market and our expectations on getting ready to move. As time for the sale got nearer, it became apparent we would not get rid of all the stuff we wouldn’t be moving.

Pete took care of business.

Pete went way beyond and agreed to handle the stuff that wasn’t to be moved. He did what he said he’d do. We hit the road with our son driving the U-Haul. We’re in our late eighties, overestimated what we could do, and Pete took care of business.

The house sold in six days for the asking price.

Bill Richardson

Seller, 10231 Marbury Peak

Las Vegas, NV 89166

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