My wife and I had planned to sell our house when our youngest son graduated in May. We had finally decided to move to Michigan and spend the rest of our working years there. The housing Market was on the phase of shifting with inflation and interest rates rising. We wanted to sell our house before the market slow down. We had noticed since we bought our house in 2013 that Pete Torsiello’s signs were up in the area a lot and his signs would have a sold sign on them very quickly. We always said if we do sell, we must use this guy because he is successful with selling homes. We are so happy that we chose Pete and his team, Natalie and Eric. He came out to our house and sat with us during a yard sale we had and explained the entire process. He assured us to leave all the worrying with him and we can just concentrate on getting ready to move. When they took the photos of our house and posted them in the real estate apps, man we never seen our house look so beautiful. The day we went on the market, it had shifted. A lot of homes were listing and buyers were being cautious. He helped us through this stage with the good pricing of our home and when the market had changed, he gave us good advice about changing our listing and keeping the price right. It was slow the first three weeks as buyers were being scarce. But then we had the right buyer and went under contract. When the buyer requested items and changes on the offer, Pete suggested some of the best advice. We were a little nervous about standing our ground on some of the conditions they requested, but with Pete’s experience he helped us make the right decision and every one of the conditions, the buyer accepted. We have just signed our closing papers and so pleased and happy with what we got for our house and the stress free experience of the sale that he had promised. After that closing, he gave us very nice personal gifts for giving him the opportunity and trust to sale our house. He is the BEST REALTOR IN THE BUSINESS!!! If you are looking to buy or sell your Home, the best choice and decision you can make is to Call Pete Torsiello and his team. Thank you Pete, Eric, and Natalie.


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