Pete gave us the real information, real service and real results!

*COMMUNICATION* Pete was fabulous in this department, can’t ask for anything more A+++*KNOWLEDGE*Pete knows his stuff and then some, he talked to us with respect, he showed us what our house was worth and proved it, the time he puts in to make things happen is unbelievable*SKILL* Pete knew how to negotiate properly, ask for things and get them for us and really made this sale painless in every way*Professional*Pete is one of the best I have ever dealt with, I have had some so so agents when I was younger and finally found a Rockstar! Now, we have Pete in Las Vegas and we would use him every time and recommend him without hesitation. This is not a fluff review, we weren’t prompted what to say, nor did we feel obligated, we are doing it because he and his team deserves it plain and simple. Pete is a standout and in a world full of fake this and that, he gave us the real information, real service and real results. Do yourself a favor and call him up and after one phone call or meeting, I promise you, you will hire him. As my grandma used to say when something was outstanding, Pete is the “Bee’s Knees”


Review via Reach150


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