7 years in a row! I’m truly grateful for all of the referrals and advocacy that allows me to thrive in my career. I couldn’t do without the support of my friends, family & past clients who continue to be the focal point of my life and who help in so many ways. I appreciate your trust and friendship more than words can ever describe. Building a business is fun; sustaining a successful business is hard. I’m glad to have built this on great relationships. This year has brought some welcome changes and exciting progress. I’m already motivated for a strong 2022. Huge THANK YOU to my Team, Support Staff, Lenders, Escrow Team & Title Reps and the great group of people I get to work with both in my office and throughout the industry that all contribute in various ways. I don’t want to mention all the names here for their privacy and so I don’t leave anyone out but as always, I will reach out to you privately to show my gratitude.